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From fees Surcharge Valuables fee Carton fee Furniture disassembly costs Air conditioning disassembly costs Time service fee Long-distance transportation costs
From fees
Models Starting fee
Closed truck load of 2 tons 280 / vehicle (four-ring in the 320 yuan / truck)
Load of 2 tons Gondola 480 yuan /  truck
Closed truck load of 3 tons 480 yuan / truck
Note: 1, the price for the actual transport distance of less than ten kilometers one-way trips per carry.
2, Saturdays plus 50.
Floor Fees No elevator or can not use the elevator when handling, including the second floor above, each of the upper and lower floors of a layer of additional costs 10 yuan, from the seventh floor      Start each additional 20 yuan; have the elevator, move out or move to, handling charges for each of the trips are subject to 10 per second
Handling charges on the way Handling a place for each additional 100
Charge over the monthly The actual distance moved and moved into place after more than ten kilometers, each additional 5 yuan a kilometer beyond the
Plane charge transport distance Need to move from over twenty meters of artificial surface, each 1 m over 1 yuan for each additional vehicle trips
Night service fee After 18:00, extra 100 yuan per vehicle trips.
Delay hours charges Caused by customers operating vehicle group delay is in place can not work hours, additional 80 yuan per hour
Kongshi fee Vehicle in place, customers canceled trips by car per 100 yuan fee charged Kongshi
Valuables fee
Model 120 (inclusive) below, fees and charges 230
Model 120 or more, increases 280.
Model 125 (inclusive) above, plus costs 330 yuan.
Model 130 (inclusive) above, fees and charges 380
600-800 yuan fee grand piano
Other Large copiers, safe, large fish tanks, large mirrors, fitness equipment, 32-inch (or more) TV, washing machine, 200 liters (or more) additional 50-200 million per refrigerator
Carton fee
General Information Box: Size length 60cm, width 40 cm, 40 cm high 12 yuan / month
Export-specific information box: Size length 60cm, width 40cm, high 40cm 14 yuan / month
Computer Case: Size length 50cm, width 50 cm, 50 cm high 18 yuan / month
GOH: Size length 50cm, width 50 cm, 1200 cm high 50 yuan / month
Note: 1, special delivery charge of 30-160 per carton
2, provides for the relocation of the office rental Plastic crates
Furniture disassembly costs
Two counters 100 yuan / month
Three counters 150 yuan / month
Four-door cabinet 200 yuan / month
Dresser, bed 50 yuan / month
Disassembly office partition 50 yuan / month
Removable plate sets, conference table 50-150 yuan / month
Sliding door 200, the length of 2 meters or more to be discussed
Air conditioning disassembly costs
Air Conditioning Type Single split Single installation Demolition equipment
Window Machine 70 yuan 80 150
1.5 (with) the following wall 120 140 220
1.5 (with) the following one for two 140 180 300 yuan
2 wall, Guiji 160 200; 280
3 Guiji 200; 240 380
5 Guiji 200 300 yuan 480
Other Punch: Brick House, 50 / a, Plate Floor 80 yuan / month, the tower 100 / month. Fluoride 40 yuan / pressure, plus pipe 80 / m, plus line 20 yuan / m. Fluoridation: 40 / a pressure; plus tube: 80 / m, five additional control Negotiable
Note: This price can be floating depending on the season
Time service fee
Not only workers handling vehicles, charges 60 yuan per person per hour
Long-distance transportation costs
Gold Cup car 3 yuan / km
2 ton truck load 4.5 yuan / km
3-ton truck load 5 yuan / km
Note: The above price is one-way transportation costs per vehicle trips.