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2011-03-24 1:28:02

Beijing Stone moving company has experienced ups and downs of the achievements of ten yearsBeijing Moving IndustryThe leading position, 170 goods vehicles remnants of a 24-hour service guarantee, 600 times more than the four-way people to achieve customer satisfaction for the service concept.

Beijing Stone moving companies each car group composed by the 4-5, the new recruits through induction training, skills training, military training, internships and other stringent vehicle group business skills training to protect our quality of service. When there are three cars at the same time have a special operations command and coordination of field supervisors. The company has established excellent customer service department, responsible for assisting the group can not coordinate on-site car problems, sales order and invoice delivery and other issues, the interests of our customers to provide effective protection.

Select Stone is to choose safety and rest assured that your support is our continuous forward momentum.